UK1541 aka Ultimate Killer


UK1541 is a real time drive emulator with cycle-exact 6502 instructions execution and VIA’s emulation just by tiny MCU, LCP1114, Cortex M0, 48Mhz (0,84 DMIPS/Mhz).

Developed by: Krzysztof Switajski aka Kisiel/ICON, Manual for GUI version 0.053.102016

Features for 6502Core Version
- Core 6502 running at 1Mhz with all opcodes
- 16kB Flash ROM, multiple custom roms (avaiable from version 1.3)
- 4KB Ram, from $0000 to $0fff
- VIA's port and timers emulation
- SD card 1 - 32GB, FAT32, formatted in Windows (minimum cluster size 4kB).
- d64 35 / 40 track with read and write (beta testing)
- Update from standard SD card.




On UK1541 board (88x70x2mm) you can find:
- LCD TFT Screen 2,2“ , 320 x 240, True Color,
- MSP430,
- LPC1114,
- Infra Red receiver, for remote control
- CR2032 battery holder,
- mini jack connector as replacement for IEC port,
- DB9 connector for joystick,
- User Port connector, for power and signals like 8-bit parallel aka burst
- two buttons , MENU and RESET.

LEDs indicators


On UK1541 there are four leds:

- TOP red , DRIVE , function as is in 1541 real drive,
- MOTOR blue/green, indicates if motor is ON/OFF
- DEBUG yellow, at this stage indicates SEI/CLI flag of CPU,
- SYSTEM, red, indicates errors connected to IR, battery (software under construction version

Graphic User Menu

Main Windows


GUI is split to four main windows:

- Top bar, highlights currently selected file to mount/unmount,
- Left Window, shows file list with cursor,
- Right Window, show directory content of d64.
- Bottom bar, shows current status, type of d64, current Track number, etc.


To navigate the cursor you need to use:
- joystick plugged into DB9 port


- IR remote controller


joystick / remote function:

- up / down , cursor moves up and down,
- right, cursor moves to next page,
- left, cursor moves to back page,

- Fire , to mount unmont disc, to enter directory

Other buttons on IR remote controller:

- GUI Reset, resets SD and TFT screen, GUI.
- Core Reset, resets 6502 core , VIA's etc.
- Drive 8, drive number 8, switch set to number 8 (core reset required)
- Drive 9, drive number 9, switch set to number 9 (core reset required)


Version 0.53

Create empty disk (n.a.)


SD speed check (n.a.)
1541 ROM change

1. Check in System Info if version of 6502Core is above 1.3

2. Chose ROM binary file for exchange

3. Choose Menu/Tools/1541 Rom change.

4. Press Fire button for confirm.

5. Reset Core6502 or power off the UK1541.


Hall of fame

System Info

file_systeminfomenu.jpg file_systeminfoupdate.jpg

SD Card Setup

SD Card specification


Best to buy is SD HC Card 1 - 8/16GB with speed class 4 and upper.
32 MB not tested yet.



Firmware update

0. Turn off C64
1. Prepare empty SD card, FAT32,
2. Copy files for update,
3. Plug in SD card to card connector,
4. Turn on C64,
5. Wait till GUI shows windows.
6. Remove files from SD card after update !!!!.
7. If you trying to update core already updated, firmware update will stop.

How it works:

GUI UPDATE 0.53.102016
6502core UPDATE

Q & A

Q: Why I have dead pixels on TFT screen ?
A: Please remove protection sheet.


- fragmented files support (95% done, testing),
- blind mode,
- bug fixing, header align,save errors
- menu button, calendar, last access d64 image,
- IEC navigation,
- prg support under progress
- g64 support,

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