1. Introduction

XU-1541 is cable which connects USB port in PC with CBM IEC bus. Original idea,software and design you can find at Spiro's homepage http://www.trikaliotis.net/xu1541

I've made this project for c64scene.pl and polish demoscene people. We have made our own variation of xu1541, so you can make your own cable without wasting time for designing the PCB.

Special thanks for Dr. Till Harbaum, you did a great job.

2. Files

Main schematic in pdf schematic

PCB version with USB-B port (DE99SE) USB-B

PCB version with USB-A port (DE99SE) (not tested) USB-A

3. Photos.

Working prototypes done by Jad/Phantasy (with BOM)

4. Credits.

PCB - by me,
Prototyping, testing by Jad/Phantasy
Prezes (DJ GRUBY) - organizer.

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